My Essentials in Germany

I’m back…after an unintentional two month break! So on this very beautiful, snowy day in Vilsbiburg, I finally decided to organize my thoughts and write a 3-part update, so make sure to keep reading!


Since being here I’ve learned a lot about myself from admitting that I actually may like Justin Bieber’s music to learning the things I need in life that truly make me happy.

FullSizeRender 2
Compliments of Instagam’s memes that always strangely sum up my life.


So here we go, my essentials while living abroad. Some may resonate with you, others may seem strange to you, some you may want to try out yourself!



Yes I admit it, I may have sat and watched 5-6 back to back episodes of prison break at one point since I’ve been here…but I’m not the only one who’s done it ok?! Lol.

Some days after a long day of training it’s nice to make a good dinner, relax and watch your favorite shows or movies on Netflix. Maybe in between practices as well.

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 3.45.06 PM


So after I went through what felt like a very long Netflix phase, my mind needed more stimulation than pressing the “next episode” button on my IMG_2841screen. I love to read but developed the bad habit of starting a book then finishing it months later.

So I made a resolution to finish every single book I read while I’m here for the season…and so far it’s two down and about four more to go.




So I already shared that I love to write. Whenever I’m not blogging I’m journaling or jotting down thoughts on my phone. I love being able to go back and see where my mind was at a certain point in time, capturing memories through writing when I can’t do so in pictures and having keepsakes for the future.

I also learned about a cool website ( where you can self-publish your own books! Sorry if I’m late but I think it’s a cool way to publish your thoughts, novels, poetry books, etc.

Wireless Speaker

Whether you need music to wake you up in the morning or transform the movie on your laptop into a surround sound experience, a wireless speaker is definitely a must-have.

Video Calls

After my sister and I got my parents over the slight learning curve of video calling…we finally figured it out! LOL. (Love you ma and daddy sorry I had to call you out). Being able to talk to loved one’s while overseas isn’t always the easiest with busy schedules and time differences, so when I do get a chance to talk to everyone it’s so relieving…even if it’s a 2-hour FaceTime session or a 10-second Snapchat video. From my friends in L.A. and Hawaii who are 9 and 12 hours behind, to family on the East Coast who are 6-hours behind I love being able to catch up with them all…even if it means sacrificing sleep some days.

Coconut Oil

IMG_2837Coconut oil is great for your face, body, hair and cooking! Before I get in the shower I’ll rub coconut oil all over to soothe and moisturize my skin before cleansing. On top of making your skin feel amazing, it also smells great. All you have to do is Google coconut oil and you’ll see thousands of results on it’s benefits and uses!



I learned quickly from my agent Ryan that looking to people for advice is essential while you’re overseas. Especially if you’re new to it and they’ve been through it! I love being able to learn from people and be inspired by others. You never know how good it feels to connect with people until you realize how much you have in common and even learn things you never knew before.


New Recipes 

It’s really easy to constantly make the same thing over and over because you know it’s good and some days you’re just way too tired to make anything that requires too much energy. My go-to’s are usually…fish, chicken or turkey steak with vegetables and some type of carb (brown rice, pasta, etc.). Luckily I have a few girls on my team that love to cook, so I love stealing recipes from them.


IMG_2838I can already count six candles in my apartment that I’ve burned through since I’ve been here because I love them so much. I’m really big on relaxation, so comfy clothes, warm sheets, soothing music, yoga and much more make my day.

Not only are candles relaxing but I also read that candle aromatherapy helps boost your mood.


Put quite simply it makes me feel centered mediating on scriptures and getting extra motivation every day. In addition I’ll also listen to watch podcasts and live streams of church services from home. All those together keep me encouraged.

That about sums up everything I need while here in Germany and life in general! I challenge you all to think about what brings you happiness, balance, or comfort and instill it more and more into your life everyday…unless it’s Netflix, I don’t think anyone needs it that bad. Lol.

Please feel free to share some of your essentials! Like I said you never know how much you have in common with other people until you share.

Look out for the next update on…

The differences between college and pro sports!



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